“We have the privilege of coaching Board members, CEO’s and Exeutive Directors of some of the worlds most significant organisations in private and public sector industries, including national and regional government entities. Our work is discreet and confidential and we pride ourselves in bringing innovation and creativity into coaching so our clients benefit from the confidence of having a clear path to their intended goal.”   

Your Coaching Journey

Why Engage Us

Recent Coaching Assignments

“Working with a senior executive from a national oil company in the middle-east to help him create a new business strategy for their offshore group and to set up his leadership teams”

“Coaching a CEO to develop effective conflict resolution strategies as he is facing challenges in resolving conflicts within his Board (Large Technology Company in India)”

“Coaching an Executive Director to maintain a healthy work-life balance by creating strategies for managing her time, setting boundaries and prioritising personal well-being (UK Central Government Department)”

“Coaching an SVP to enhance his emotional intelligence so he improves his self-awareness, empathy and relationship-building skills, to become a more effective leader (Global Toy Manufacturer)”

“Coaching the SVP of HR of a global car manufacturer based in the US and Europe to redesign their global leadership development programme as part of culture transformation”

“Coaching the CEO of a major law firm in Canada to deal with his confidence and stress from both his job and personal life”

“Coaching an SVP to transition to a CEO and helping them adapt to new responsibilities, expectations, and organisational dynamics (National Engineering Company in MENA)”

“Coaching an executive with strategies and thought leadership who is leading a critical organisational transformation and restructuring programme within a Big 4 consultancy”

“Coaching an Executive Director of a global food manufacturer to redesign their corporate values and to prepare them to present to their global board”

“Coaching the VP of a national car rental group in the UK on structuring their mergers & acquisition programme and allocating the right leaders and teams for this division”

Added Client Value

Objective Perspective

Providing an unbiased and neutral perspective, free from internal politics or biases. Bringing fresh insights and alternative approaches to leadership development.

Broad Expertise

Bringing a diverse range of experiences and expertise from working with various organisations and industries worldwide. This breadth of knowledge can enhance the coaching process and bring valuable best practices.


Maintaining strict confidentiality, ensuring a safe and trusted space for senior leaders to explore challenges, weaknesses, and growth opportunities without concerns about internal judgment.


Holding leaders accountable for their goals and commitments by providing an external benchmark and to help them stay focused and committed to their development plans.


Can be flexible in terms of scheduling and availability, accommodating the busy schedules of executives while providing consistent support and guidance.


Fostering a culture of trust so that is order to help you disrupt your limits you need to feel like you can fully trust us. We ensure that level of trust is always maintained.

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