‘Look – Listen – Learn’ 3 Steps to becoming an Effective Leader

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Look – First impressions are vital as we make up 90% of our minds about something or someone within 20 seconds! They say we should see ourselves as others see us, but how often do we notice the environment when we walk into our workplace? Do we see it and ourselves through the eyes of our clients and customers? How positive is the first impression?

What does Your Reception Say about You!

In these highly competitive times, this candid and thorough audit of people and public spaces helps identify areas of concern that might just put you one step behind the competition. 

Why does it matter?

The people ARE the organisation and must reflect the company values. The work environment will show whether a company really pays attention to detail in all areas of its operations. The work environment has a direct effect on the productivity of the workforce.

It has now been scientifically proven that colour, light, decor and use of space can have beneficial or detrimental effects on the ‘bottom line’ due to the productivity of employees. If a particular department frequently has people going off sick it is as well to check the environment.

Listen – listen to what people say, listen to the way they say it. Listen with all your attention, with an open mind and without prejudice.  

What will you hear?

If you listen effectively you will hear ideas, opinions, beliefs, mindsets and viewpoints, some of which will surprise, amaze and alarm you. 

Learn – learn from what you have seen and heard, take steps to resolve any issues or promote ideas and objectives. Explore methods of enhancing personal impact and performance in a range of different circumstances using different communication methods. Set up Evaluation Stations; these are quiet areas that can be put aside for 1-2-1 meetings to help you: 

Evaluate what you have learned 

Encourage individuals to set standards and goals

Empower them to improve and achieve their goals

This course will cover: 

High-quality training in listening and awareness skills

Observational Skills

Enhanced effectiveness as a leader/manager

Ability to set and achieve performance goals

Techniques to motivate others and to set, meet and exceed targets

To agree and implement a specific set of personal actions designed to enhance confidence

Projecting a strong image when operating at a strategic level of management 

Guidance and support in handling nerves, stress or tension

Learn how to use Evaluation Stations

Using ‘The Gain’ model of performance-enhancing

Learn using the GAIN model:

G – goal

A – achieve

I  – inspire

N – next

Goal:                   define the goal

Achieve:      decide how it can be achieved

Inspire:       to think ‘outside the box’

Next:                   determine the next step

Let's Do Something Awesome Together!

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