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Merger’s & acquisitions are complex projects with many independent parts that need to be synchronized to deliver stakeholder value and an efficient “joining-up” of all merging components to ensure on-going value.  Research consistently shows that M&A’s often fail due to non-technical factors rather than finance and legal factors.

When so much is riding on such a critical project you need the experience and expertise to deliver it right the first time. You need the right Strategy, the right Planning, the right Execution at the right Time and the right Team.

Our world-class people, practical tools, proven experience and know-how can help you get it right, the first time.

A key member of our world-class M&A team, for example, is Dr. Tim Galpin, Tim is a world-renowned expert in M&A and Post Merger Acquisitions and literally wrote the best-selling book on this subject (The Complete Guide To Mergers and Acquisitions). He is also an expert in Strategy and Innovation and Senior Lecturer at SaÏd Business School, University of Oxford. A sample of our M&A team members is outlined below and you can see additional profiles of our M&A faculty in our People section.

Our Merger & Acquisition Team

Huw Edwards
Christian Claret

Our M&A Consulting & Training Services

  • M&A project Strategy, Scoping and Planning.
  • Pre-Deal Due Diligence on M&A projects (Conduct non-traditional due diligence including: Culture Fit Assessment, “Executive Summit” facilitation, and key Talent Retention and Re-recruitment Planning).
  • Providing a comprehensive Post-Merger Integration (PMI) programme.
  • Fully train and equip in-house M&A and Finance Teams to deliver an M&A project.
  • Banking Partner Vetting Service -to find the right fit for your M&A project.


  • 3 Day Workshop “Maximizing Deal Value” for In-house M&A Teams with cross-functional representatives from: Finance, Strategy, IT, Operations, HR, Communications, Legal and Marketing etc. Open to C-Suite members as well.
  • 1 Day Executive Workshop “Strategic Planning and Execution for Successful Mergers & Acquisitions” – for C-Suite, Board Members and Equity Partners/Investors whose firms are currently pursuing an M&A strategy or are planning to conduct M&As in the future.
  • Strategy SuperLabs™ – Our 3 – 5 day proprietary process and unique programme of Live Complex Project Simulation with your team and our team of national and international experts.
  • Post M&A Guided Debrief© – One Day workshop with your M&A team and our acclaimed professionals to capture project knowledge, confirm lessons learned and establish formal and informal knowledge transfer.

Additional Services

    • Joint Venture Integration Programme (JVIP) – enabling better cultural and operational efficiencies.
    • Guidance on IPO’s – Organizational Development with Due Diligence on preparing Organizational Culture, People, Policies and Processes.
    • Merger Repair – A formal strategy and intervention process to repair post-merger problems and challenges.

To date, our recent M&A projects have been in following industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, Agriculture, Retail, Oil & Gas, Technology, Utilities, Insurance, Financial Services, Government and Private Equity.


The Complete Guide To Mergers and Acquisitions

“Galpin and Herndon’s third edition, updated with recent case examples, new tools and templates, and
recent research findings, makes this required reading for anyone considering mergers and acquisitions.”

— Fernando Paiz, Former Chairman, Walmart Central America

Examples Of Our M&A Projects

  • The merger of two large US-based, global chemical companies
  • The merger of two large Central American retail companies
  • The merger of two US-based online retail companies
  • Strategy implementation for a US-based oil and gas firm
  • The acquisition integration of two US West Coast-based oil and gas firms
  • The joint venture between a Texas-based, global technology firm and a Canadian-based financial services firm
  • The acquisition of a Canadian-based technology services firm by a Silicon Valley-based, global technology hardware firm
  • The acquisition integration of a Chicago-based software firm into a Silicon Valley-based software firm
  • The acquisition integration two large Canadian-based insurance firms
  • The merger of a Dallas-based with a Chicago-based insurance firm
  • Strategy implementation and culture change for a German-based, global industrial manufacturing and aerospace firm
  • The acquisition integration across various industry platform companies for a large, global private equity firm
  • Acquisition Strategy implementation and culture change for various US-Government agencies

Why nStratagem for Your M&A Projects?

  • Experienced Talent – Senior level talent on every project, with years of direct and relevant M&A experience.
  • Proven Resources – Tools, templates, know-how, case studies and processes for M&A success
  • Cost Effective – .We are not looking to flood your organization with junior associates so we can bill more fees.
  • Values – Total knowledge transfer and capability building, from our organization to yours.

Contact Us

The nStratagem brand is built on the quality of our people, the quality of our products/services and our values.  If you require a brochure on our M&A Services and/or our M&A Workshops please get in touch. We would also be happy to meet with you to fully outline our unique M&A proposal.

Reach out to us: contact@nStratagem.com   Tel: +44(0) 178 581 3347.

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