Morality Kills. Leaders Beware. (Dancing on the Line Blog Series)

Morality Kills

I am fascinated by hubris.  It is such a powerful syndrome.  It not only brings down individuals but whole corporations in what seems like a blink of an eye.  It is the hurricane that no one predicted.  The disease is undiagnosed.  The elephant in the room that no one dares point at.

The delusion of power, self-importance and infallibility form the main stock of the hubris soup.  The soup is anything but nourishing and within its deceitful wholesome character of outwardly portraying how strong and competitive the organisation lies the organisation’s actual character – moral decline.  Hubris is a moral decline.

The funny thing is leaders don’t see the morality in decision-making as important.  Perhaps it is the same reason we often don’t like looking at ourselves in the mirror for fear it will reveal who we truly are and then what?

Hubristic Leaders make decisions without care or consideration of the legacy of the company, it’s people, rules or even the law.  No organization large or small is immune from such leadership.


Bell Pottinger is dead!  It has succumbed to hubris lead by deluded leaders who got caught up in the euphoria of power, greed and self-importance.  Ego kills!

Why don’t leaders understand their limits?  Why do they risk it all?  Why is secrecy and duplicity within the C-Suite in organizations allowed to breed?  Why is poor leadership still a major problem in organizations today?  How can we solve the problem of organizational greed?  These are important questions that need to be answered if we are going to tackle hubris.

All major firms including consulting and PR firms who work around the world have to make moral decisions on a weekly basis as the stakes (profits) are so high but once in a while they get caught.  This week it’s Bell Pottinger’s turn.

Who will be next?

Get in touch if you want a coach and mentor to assist you in your moral decision making.


Be strong.  Be significant

I look forward to your thoughts and comments on this article.

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