The Psychology of Confidence

Making decisions and choices comes from the psychology of how we form our thoughts and emotions including how we look to control our environment and predict the future trajectory of our lives.

This is our strength as human beings but it can also be our greatest weakness if our thoughts and feelings are based on filters that are skewed, damaged or compromised by negative life experiences and even trauma.

Strengthening our personal psychology is critical to living a fulfilling life. nStratagem’s Confidence Coaching and Performance Psychologists assist in realigning an individuals  filters so that their  thoughts and emotions are coming from “a good place”.

Notable Projects:

  • First organisation to provide direct psychological intervention for the long-term unemployed for the Canadian government and also the first organisation to provide direct psychological counselling intervention in Europe with a major project in Liverpool, UK with thousands of participants.  These pioneering programmes were based on this simple premise espoused by Norm Murray, CEO, nStratagem: “You cannot motivate someone who is depressed”.
  • Ran Canada’s most successful Anger Management Treatment Programme for domestic violence and Canada’s most successful programme for treating Victims of Domestic Violence.
  • Psychological profiling of teams and individuals in major organisations to ascertain the best leadership style to manage them and for the best strategy for their development and career trajectory.
  • Psychological assessment of C-level executives to ensure best organisational fit and board level effectiveness.

Performance Psychology Services:

Psychology Works

Helping resolve personal and professional issues that require sensitive intervention

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