Redemption – Do I have a choice?

Shawshank Redemption

Over the Christmas break, I watched a rerun of The Shawshank Redemption. It is an iconic movie and every time I see it I take a different lesson from it. On this occasion, given the gloom and doom in the world over Brexit, Trump, price rises, what Kim is doing or not doing today? Will interest rates go up or down? Will Hillary run for office again? Who will replace Len on Strictly Come Dancing? Will SNL ever stop with Alec Baldwin’s obsession with Trump? Will North Korea finally press the nuclear button? Will the “Little Chef” restaurant chain make a come back in the UK? Are Tupac and Elvis living in the same retirement home in Miami? Will immigrants from space take over the world or will Costa Coffee beat them to it (they seem to be everywhere!) and this and that gloom in the crazy and surreal world we live in, the one quote in the movie that stuck out was delivered by Andy who said to Red, in a moment of great reflection about the future “ you can either get busy living or get busy dying”.

Life is stressful because life is about choices and decisions and sometimes we make good ones and sometimes bad ones. We make those choices and decisions in the context of what is happening to us and around us at the time and most often with the best of intentions and often inspired by hope. This was brought home to me even more poignantly when I attended the funeral of a family member this holiday season.

Life is truly short and at the end what really matters to you?

Redemption is about making decisions and about second, third, fourth and a thousand chances. So, as the architect of your own life and whatever your particular life context today – get busy living or get busy dying.

Pick yourself up and make that next small decision today which could transform your life forever! Close your eyes and go with that intuition that is burning within you. Make your mark!

Yes, when it comes to redemption, you do have a choice.

P.S. Reality is not necessarily what the media presents to us so take a short break from the news and reality shows and you may find life more refreshing during that break.

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