Norm Murray, CEO

As the CEO of and a Culture Architect, I specialise in driving culture transformation, talent retention, and leadership development through the strategic integration of AI, data science, and decision science solutions. My approach combines a deep understanding of organisational dynamics with cutting-edge technological tools to foster resilient and adaptive corporate cultures.

My Core Expertise:

Culture Transformation: Crafting and implementing strategies that reshape organisational culture to enhance engagement, productivity, and innovation.
Talent Retention: Developing tailored programmes to attract, retain, and develop top talent, ensuring sustainable growth and competitive advantage.
Leadership Development: Coaching leaders to navigate uncertainty and drive strategic initiatives with confidence and agility.
AI and Data Science Solutions: Leveraging AI, data science, and decision science to provide actionable insights and optimise decision-making processes.

Thought Leadership:

As an Uncertainty Expert and Strategy Coach, I guide organisations through complex challenges and uncertain environments, helping them to thrive in dynamic markets. I am also the author of the weekly newsletter “The Nexus of Technology + Culture + Leadership + Talent Today,” where I explore the intersection of technological advancements and their impact on organisational culture, leadership and talent.

I am passionate about transforming the way companies operate, empowering leaders, and creating a future where technology and human ingenuity work hand-in-hand to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

My leadership portfolio includes managing multimillion-dollar budgets and stewarding multibillion-dollar funds and assets within top-tier global corporations. My entrepreneurial ventures span numerous sectors such as Oil & Gas, Engineering, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, IT, Education, Insurance, Retail, Law, Power, Sports, Shipping, Transport, and Government. These experiences have not only fortified my versatility but have also cemented my reputation as a leader capable of driving significant business and economic projects worldwide.

I have been instrumental in pioneering initiatives at the intersection of Economics, Psychology, and Social Change in locales as varied as Canada, the UK, and the Middle East. My role as a ‘Super-Integrator’ in major culture change and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) projects showcases my unique ability to synergise internal teams, leadership, and external consultants to achieve strategic objectives while maintaining consistency and momentum.

An accomplished author, I penned the seminal “The Employee Psychological Wellbeing Playbook For Leaders,” a vital resource that enhances organisational culture, employee value, and leadership effectiveness. My authenticity, boundless energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering commitment to values and excellence are the cornerstone of both my professional achievements and personal ethos.

Trained as an Olympic-level basketball player, I possesses the relentless determination, skill, and perseverance required for peak performance—a mindset I bring to every client engagement. With formal education spanning the UK, USA, and Canada,

I am not only a leader in my field but also a relentless advocate for the transformative power of leadership, strategic insight and technology in fostering organisational and leadership success.


All About Results

We work globally

  • Our expert Associates are based all around the world and we hand pick them to serve specific client projects based on the best mix of skills, experience and expertise
  • Our clients choose us for our Experience, Proven Expertise & Creative Applications
  • We are privileged to be involved in complex and discreet client needs and situations so we are mindful of protecting their confidentiality
Diana Mather

Diana Mather
Senior Associate

Diana has years of expertise and experience, is the author of 12 books and a TED speaker on Social Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence with a background at the BBC. Her books include ‘Managing International Relationships Today’ and ‘Speak’ – The Power of Communication. She advises on the art of successful leadership, international business etiquette and public speaking. She has taught and consulted in Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, India, Russia, Iran, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, Holland, Brussels and Germany. She has also worked with The Protocol Bureau of The Hague (Netherlands) at The European Central Bank. She was one of the first people to work with the British Members of Parliament (The House of Commons) on how to manage TV and media appearances and has written speeches and advised on leadership matters for Members of the UK Parliament, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago and Senators in The States of Jersey. She is an Export Champion for The Northern Powerhouse, part of the UK’s Government’s Department of Business and Trade. She is a regular contributor to TV and Radio programmes across the UK speaking about leadership issues and a valued member of the nStratagem team.

Mike Blackburn

Mike Blackburn, OBE
Senior Associate

An award-winning, outcomes-driven business leader and executive with a proven history of success in leading public/private strategic boards that improve economic and community performance across the UK. Mike facilitates large-scale transformation in both start-ups and multi-billion-pound companies across the private and public sector. He is an expert in leadership and corporate governance, strengthening processes and policies, identifying, and mitigating key risks, and pioneering board diversity to improve representation. Both an innovative leader and adept communicator, he builds and mobilises empowered workforces, forges global strategic partnerships with multiple stakeholders and scrutinises performance to outline key areas of improvement. An influential voice in the board room, Mike shapes key decision making, provides strategic oversight and embeds consensus to unite teams under a shared vision and drive overall business growth.

His contribution to UK business was rewarded by the UK Parliament with the Order of the British Empire (OBE) award for his outstanding services to the country and an Honorary DBA from Manchester University. He is also a Board Member of Lancaster University Management School Mike is a valuable contributor to the nStratagem family.

Dr. Garry Hunt, OBE

Garry was awarded the OBE in King Charles III Birthday Honours (2023) for Services to Space Science and Business. He holds several non-executive and chairmanship role with UK and US companies; EDS, Sequent, Globebyte, Access International Conferences,Trustmarque., HW Group plc, Ernst & Young (Technology, Communications and Entertainment), I2S, Fleishmann Hillard, ITN News, , SECpay, Charles Street Securities. Garry is also Professor of Atmospheric Physics, University College London; Imperial College.  He has been a past member of NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/CalTech, Oxford University (Atmospheric Physics). Garry is also visiting professor of University of California Riverside @ Palm Desert, Ca, Business School University of San Diego, California; Ahlers International Business School (Executive in Residence); Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, Ca, Dept of Meteorology; University of Maryland, Dept of Meteorology; University of St Louis, Missouri, Dept of Physics; National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Co; Kingston University, Business School; Kingston University, Faculty of Computing, Information Systems & Mathematics, City University, London, School of Business; University of Alexandria Egypt, Dept of Atmospheric Physics; CSIRO Atmospheric Physics, Melbourne, Australia; Cranfield University. He is Member of Court at Cranfield University-School of Applied Mathematics & Computing- Steering committee; Kingston University, Faculty of Computing, Information Systems & Mathematics -Industry Advisory Board. Garry has received 4 NASA Awards; Gaskell Medal Royal Meteorological Society. He is also an expert TV presenter with ITN, BBC, Sky, and in the US, Canada & Australia. He is a writer on Business, Climate/Environmental issues and Astronomy.

Rachel Jones (240 × 240 px)

Rachel Jones

Rachel is a highly experienced senior administrator and our glue in organising our delivery teams and projects worldwide.

Rachel is equally instrumental in driving our success and contributing to our reputation as an innovative and forward thinking organisation.