The TWO SIDES OF ORGANISATION CULTURE are in a psycho-dynamic dance and if you are not aware of how they work in exestential tandem then this will be to your disadvantage in developing a healthy and positive organisation culture.

These two sides can best be described as the visible versus the invisible. The visible consists of such things as your strategy, business plan, your processes and procedures, mission and vision statements, websites, and behaviours and so on. The invisible (and the more problematic aspect) can consist of such things as fears, insecurities, exclusive friendships, trust, jealousy, gaslighting, passive-aggression, dysfunctional bonding, ganging-up, discrimination, egos, hubris and heightened ambition (this list is not exhaustive).

To give yourself the best chance of building a healthy and effective organisation culture learn about these two dance partners and where you “see” the hidden side on the culture transformation dance floor then know the treatment process before you intervene.

Norm  Murray


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