...struggling to achieve the culture you desire?

We are Culture Architects. We can help you Shape it, Develop it, Change it, Repair it, Merge it or just Tweak it.

We Build What You Imagine 

We harmonise human ingenuity with advanced technology to drive innovation.

Our Scientific Methodology for Culture Change & Leadership Development.

  • Applied AI
  • Applied Decision Science
  • Applied Data Analytics
  • Applied Human Intelligence
  • Applied Human Experience & Expertise

Uncertainty is the new normal.

You cannot predict the future but we can help you prepare for it.

Our Belief

Culture must drive Business Performance, all day, every day. Culture is not just about People.

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The Culture Ecosystem

Culture is set, shaped and driven by Leadership, formalised through organisational Processes, Systems & Policies and its impact manifested in Business Performance, Engagement & Talent Retention.

Everything is Connected

Change in one leads to a change in all.


We have identified 21 Organisational Dynamics that Directly Influence Culture.

Culture is not a single entity.

Each organisation is unique. We find that thread that connects all aspects of the organisation to its culture and then design and deliver a solution that has a systemic impact.

All our work is infused with this fundamental principle of integration.

A multi-disciplined & systemic
Approach to Culture Change

  • Behavioural Analysis for real-time discoveries
  • Sociology, Psychology & Anthropology for visible and invisible operating norms & sensemaking
  • Science & Mathematics for predictive analytics
  • Business & Economics for Operational Tracking
  • Technology for Decision Sciences, Tracking & Learning

Ready for a new approach?


AI Powered Benchmarking

Under controlled conditions, we both create and test your culture against world-class benchmarks through a completely unique process and innovative methodology via AI assisted  Modelling to ensure your culture is resilient for the future.


An expert review of your Culture Change Strategy to give you the assurance that you are moving in the right direction. I will also identify any gaps in your current situation and your planned objectives and provide you with clear suggestions and guidance in bridging those gaps.

Culture Design

We design a comprehensive change blueprint with a clear strategy and detailed delivery action plan.

Follow the plan and you are good to go.

Culture Programme Delivery

We deliver the full culture change programme in partnership with you.


We train and coach your leaders and in-house delivery team to deliver your desired culture.

AI Powered Leadership

We design and deliver Signature Leadership Development Programmes that have an immediate impact and make a dent in a stubborn culture.


Our Knowledge Transfer Events for leaders and teams to provide them with skills and methodologies to build their culture.


We design curated & inspiring communication packages to transmit core messages in Culture for all levels of the organisation to enhance employee engagement and leadership development.

Inform | Inspire | Engage

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We are built on values, fueled by experience and driven by creativity.

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Our Values

Set the foundation for every client relationship.


To harness our years of international experience in all that we do.


To always be inventive and resourceful.


To never give up in providing the very best service to our clients.


To always be honest and transparent.

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