AI & Employee Surveillance: Forever Watched.

AI & Employee Surveillance: Forever Watched.

The explosion of AI in 2023, along with the accompanying hyper-excitement, also brought fear about how employers might use emerging smart technology to monitor their employees in much more insidious ways. According to the Guardian, “From algorithms firing staff without human intervention to software keeping tabs on bathroom breaks, these technologies are already upsetting workers and unsettling workplaces.”

And there seems to be no abatement or curbs, yet, to this advancing “army” of surveillance algorithms.

AI can help with better understanding human behaviour to influence and shape training, organisation design, culture, leadership style and even office layouts but is there a darker side to this surveillance?
The Guardian article and an article by Theara Coleman of The Week, sheds some light on this paradox of how technology is shaping the workplace for the better but what actually is it doing for employees?

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