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Powerful quote from Sonia Sotomayer (US Supreme Court Justice) who felt like a fraud throughout her life. “I have spent my years since Princeton, while at law school and in

Don’t Live A Life Of Regret Have you ever thought how things could be different for you today if you hadn’t made a particular decision in the past?  Have you

To attract and retain the right talent you need the right culture and the right leadership. Do you have The Right Stuff? If you want to attract the best talent

Whatever your barrier (situation or person) at work or in your life focus on moving yourself and not the barrier. Some barriers are immovable and so your energy and hard









Courage is a precious commodity in human character and an important aspect to any effective leader’s ability to influence.  Courage comes from deep within and is always on tap, always vigilant

Are you suffering from culture change fatigue? This is a common affliction suffered by those who have been made responsible to deliver culture change in organisations where expectations are high,

 Every CEO is the Chief Culture Officer One of the things I often hear from employees about culture change is “I thought it was just something HR did around diversity

The Encounter If you are currently in the middle of a culture change programme you may have encountered sub-cultures and even hidden cultures in your organisation. You may now be

If you want to learn about strategy, culture, leadership and be entertained simultaneously, I would highly recommend the political drams Baron Noir (French – Seasons 1 – 3) on Amazon

WHO OWNS CULTURE?  This may seem a trite question but think about the ramifications for a moment on all parties concerned to the “correct” answer.  Is it the CEO? Is

The GOAL OF CULTURE TRANSFORMATION is to create a values-driven company culture that drives sustainable short, medium and long-term success for all – both the company and its people. Culture

CONFIRMATION BIAS is a fascinating psycho-dynamic phenomena that makes culture change both complex and problematic as it impacts decision making, communication and human relations in organisations, for example. Confirmation bias

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