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Want to be a Great Leader? Then start by learning to be a Great Follower. It is only when you follow a great leader diligently & studiously that you will

Obsession is a Necessity for Greatness! Pursue your goals with obsession & passion as when things get difficult you will have a visceral relationship with your goals that will be

Emotional Intelligence is NOT an option today! Here are 10 characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders versus Emotionally Challenged Leaders. Do you see a picture of your current leaders?How about past

Toxic work cultures are purposefully created and maintained. If you don’t have the courage to eliminate the human source from the organization you will never change the culture.

The Enemy of Great is Good Enough This is the worst form of organization corruption It’s damage to ordinary employees is subtle, insidious and long-term

Ready, Fire, Aim The strategic thinking formula that has led to more wastage, human suffering, failure and despair in organizations than any other operational model.

Moral Leadership is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage in Business & in Life. Your behaviour as leaders sets the tone for the culture, inspiring employees and stakeholders to uphold similar values

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace is about Power and Coercion. Shame on those leaders and organizations that knowingly allow it to take root and thrive.

Most People are Stupid, Desperate and Pathetic! This is the common Belief & Attitude of Abusive Leaders. If you experience one, find the tools, confidence and courage to stand up

Internal Communication: Quality not Quantity Focus on driving positive change, belonging and trust through every communication medium rather than just dissemination information.

Self-Esteem: The Elixir of Life. Get your self-esteem development programme on track and transform your life forever.

Enabling Abuse. How do you live with the guilt of such complicity?

Emotional + Intelligence You cannot do one without the other.

Live Your Values What Good are Values if they are not Alive?

Love is a Metric. It is an Act of the Will. A Necessary factor in Building a Profound Organization.

The Wonky (Crooked) Company Consistency in companies requires interdependency of all factors that make up the company Harmony is about both alignment and interdependence If you want to be a

📣 Generation Z: The Future of Work. That Future Is Now! 👉 Managing Gen Z requires a more nuanced company culture 👉 This culture has to be purposefully designed as

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