Fully AI Automated Companies (Humans Need Not Apply).

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What are you going to do with your life? This question is often asked by parents who have to deal with disengaged and unmotivated teenagers who are indifferent to their future.

Today, almost all of us are asking ourselves a variation of that question. For example, my skills and experience that I have spent a lifetime developing, do they matter anymore? My creativity and ambition, is that still sellable? Am I replaceable by intelligent software? Will my employer replace me soon? And, for those of us who are truly down the paranoia rabbit hole, do I still matter at all?

AI’s influence is growing exponentially. In some industries at a sedentary sequential pace and in others, its an outright assault – like a bull in a china shop. It just keeps coming and coming without minding humans in the way. This is especially true in HR, Research, Medical Diagnostics and CRM.

Undoubtedly AI is helping whole industries but it may also be threatening the displacement of human workers. This, phenomenon, I believe, is going to accelerate. There is now a name for it’s impact, “AI Anxiety” This angst will raise stress, cause depression, broken relationships and may even contribute to suicide rates. Fear abounds as to whether AI is here for my (our) good or to displace me (us) or perhaps both. Suffice it to say, however, is that AI Anxiety is on the rise.

Every week there is a new iteration of AI which is more evolved than the week before. Sora by OpenAI, a transformative video creation tool, is just such an example of hundreds, perhaps thousands of evolutions that are absolutely very cool but they just add to the potential “demise” of a human driven industry. If you are working in this industry you may be familiar with AI Anxiety.

Suffice it to say, we are slowly developing a world of fully automated companies. Here AI intelligent robots and bots will manufacture, order, provide customer service and make C-suite decisions. And with AI drones even autonomous product delivery. Imagine a company (even yours in the near future) where almost everything transforms into an AI automation narvana and where no human is employed to do the work. And at the tip of this spear today, are these Top 10 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) companies that are enabling this transformation to AI automation. Watch this space. I am left with many questions today and the most haunting one is, how do I still matter?


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