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Utilising our 21 Dynamics methodology, we identify the thread that connects the challenge to the organisation's culture, enabling us to shape, develop, change, or tweak the culture while simultaneously addressing and resolving the challenge itself.

We do this because we know that Everything is Connected.

Mentoring CEO and Board

Global NGO

Designed and delivered specific training workshops to help them flesh out the best strategy and action plan for culture development.

Team Mentoring


Worked with senior leaders to identify the right internal culture development delivery team then trained and mentored them in the right delivery methodology and skills necessary for their particular culture development objectives.

Complex M&A

Global Telecomms

Advised on a complex series of acquisitions by this global telecomms provider to ascertain how to mange culture change and development in the acquired entities. 

Unified Leadership Strategy to facilitate Change

Global Services Company

We designed a unified leadership strategy for over 5000 global leaders to shape a unified culture worldwide. This was a critical step for the success of the overall culture transformation programme. Without modernising leadership, culture change would have stalled.

Digital Transformation & Culture

Global Energy Company

Developed and installed a unified Talent Management System  which integrated HRIS and LMS with a capability of producing 1000 different employee development reports on a single employee. Project budget was circa $1Billion. This project transformed their culture and their employee value proposition including their entire HR strategy globally.

Gender Pay Gap & Revised Executive Leadership Track

Global FMCG

As part of culture change and their modernisation agenda, we wrote and installed a complete gender pay gap strategy including a leadership programme for hi-potential women to facilitate equitable career trajectories.

Culture Change for Modernisation

National Utiliy

A multi-billion dollar national utility needed to modernise their Culture and Employee Value Proposition to ensure long-term stability and competitive advantage. We designed their strategy and implementation framework which is now set in motion.

Revamped Employee Value Proposition

Global Technology Company

Produced a critical strategy on Talent Retention and Talent Attraction for the clients Asia market to ensure competitive advantage in attracting the very best talent & the necessary policies, systems and structures to retain them for the long-term.

Organisation Design

Global Consulting Firm

Advice and guidance to this major consulting firm on best practices of organisational design for their clients in the Middle East so they could shape their respective transformation projects accordingly.

Employee Psychological Wellbeing Playbook for Leaders

Our Client Organisations

Designed a formative playbook for all leaders to both better understand the needs of employee psychological wellness including the initiatives and changes required to add this imperative to their culture drivers.

New Organisation Culture

Joint Venture (Two global companies)

Delivered a full-scale, fully integrated, culture change programme from designing the strategy to the delivery framework and the action plan in this country GDP critical multibillion dollar JV company. This was then fully and successfully implemented meeting all project KPI’s.

Executive Coaching

Global Bank 

Coaching for executives of this global bank to help them to gear up (with skills, confidence and know-how) for change.

Best Practices in Talent Attraction, Retention & Development

Global Consulting Firm

Advised a global consulting firm on best Culture & People practices including strategic HR as they embark on a new client development strategy and service offering strategy in Africa.

Established a major oil and gas refinery

National Energy Company

Established the organisational design and full workforce strategy including the culture of this $Billion world leading new asset.

New Leadership Thinking

Global Automotive Company

Provided a critical step in culture change for this global automaker by providing the tangible linkage of leadership development and practices with key business results.

Organisation Structure Change

Global Insurance Firm

Restructured the Call Centre and Customer Services Centre division for this global insurance provider. This afforded them a more efficient and effective service for their customers and transformed their front facing business.

Culture Change for Excellence in Education Delivery

UK Schools

Delivered our school culture change programme (Genesis) to over 50 strategically important schools (Primary, Secondary, Independent & Grammar) in the UK thereby improving the school culture, people management and employee stress and anxiety.

Senior Partner Development to Change Culture & Business Practices

Global Law Firm

A 5-year Leadership and Management Development project delivered in London, New York, Singapore, and Hong Kong for Senior Partners & Senior Associates worldwide in Leadership and Culture Change which transformed their business and set many industry firsts in how large law firms are structured and how people are managed and led.

Demerger to drive a new culture and competitive advantage

Major Insurance Broker

Demerged a national insurance company from its global owner to make it more competitive so as to not contravene any monopolistic market practices by offering products it could not offer due to its ownership structure. Thus, completely transforming the culture of the company and it’s business practices.

Culture Change Strategy to act as Marketplace Differentiator

International Forum on Energy

Seminal think-tank/forum wanted to modernise both its organisation and measure the value they were delivering to their stakeholders.  We wrote and delivered this strategy enabling them to now be in a better position to both transform their organisation and the value delivered to their stakeholders worldwide.

Corporate Downsizing and Rebuilding

International Engineering Company

In response to the downturn in the economy this organisation needed to resource and streamline their employee headcount. We delivered the strategy, framework and action plan to help them through this challenging time.

Monitisaton of an Innovation Centre to change culture and mindset

Global Engineering Company

Global company in partnership with a Russel group university wanted to culturally shift their £MM JV populated with award wining scientists onto an entrepreneurial footing.  Delivered the new structural and formative strategical model for the monetisation of the research and products offered to a global market enabling a more entrepreneurial culture.

Established a National HRD Watchdog & Regulatory Commission

Country Energy Sector 

Established a first-of-it’s-kind in this major country a Human Resource Development (HRD) regulator to efficiently manage the complete skills training needs of the major 8 energy companies in the country. The combined training budget for the companies was several $B and several hundred thousand trainees over a 5 year period.

Leadership Engine Driving Culture Change

Global Manufacturing Company

Designed a world class leadership centre for the delivery of culture change by skilling and developing senior leaders as agents of change.

Local Government Culture Change

UK Local Authority

Major UK authority (local government) need a fresh look at their organisation culture and empowering leaders and employees.  Designed and delivered the strategy ensuring that the requisite milestone required to achieve the project goal were achieved. 

Setting up a National Anti-Monopoly Market Regulator

UK Central Government

A formidable programme that set up a new regulator to bring more competition into the market so as to give UK consumer and households a choice in this particular service.  This project changed a critical part of the UK service market.

Drive Employee Engagement to improve Culture

International Hotels Group

Large scale employee engagement programme to drive motivation, loyalty and performance. This had a radical positive impact on the hotel groups culture.

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