The Psychological Plague, driven by technology, that no one is talking about.

Are you suffering from Algorithm Fatigue?

Are you tired of having to come up with idea after idea, content after content, day in and day out without seeing the results you planned for or deserve?

Have you thought about giving up? Changing careers or just completely giving up on your talent and skills altogether?

Do you find yourself saying or thinking, “maybe I am not as good as I thought I was”, or “clearly people don’t care about my work, my content or even me” or “what’s the point, I don’t have the energy to pivot, yet again, anymore.”

If you are thinking such thoughts and feeling anxious, depressed, exasperated, fed up and generally helpless then you are in the world of Learned Helplessness – where you not only have given up from trying repeatedly to achieve your goals but gone that extra step to blaming yourself for “failing”.

Once this happens you are done, psychologically, emotionally and even physically.

Today, we are at the mercy of faceless, nameless and formless algorithms.

We are not in control nor have any sense of predictability. They monitor us, track us and push us in directions that we cannot control. Invisible hands, if you may, on our shoulders.

Add a dose of AI and things just get crazier and more interesting from there, to say the least.

Learned Helplessness is the Psychological Plague, driven by technology, that no one is talking about.

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