Culture has two important purposes: Nutrition & Antidote.

Culture has two important purposes.

  1. As a source of vital “nutrients” for nourishment.
  2. As a medicinal antidote to fight “disease’’.

Shared values, a positive work environment, and a sense of purpose act as essential nutrients for the growth and well-being of individuals within an organisation. Cultural nourishment also fosters employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall productivity.

A strong and positive culture can serve as a remedy for challenges like low morale, disengagement, or conflicts within the workplace.

If you are engaged in culture development it is important for you, your team and your leadership to frame your culture in a way that denotes the power of culture and its positive benefits for both individuals and the organisation as whole.

The philosophical framework you choose will influence your strategy and actions.

Frame first before you start to build.

Let's Do Something Awesome Together!

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