our prolific EVP Architecture

Curated Employee Value Proposition

Our methodology  drives talent retention and talent attraction

Whats's happening in the world of Employee Value Proposition today with the traditional model?

Engagement: which drives both performance and retention outcomes, has remained relatively flat since 2016.

Attraction: Only 29% of functional leaders report they have all the talent they need to meet current performance requirements. 

Intent to Stay: Only 23% of HR leaders believe most employees will continue working in their current organization.

EVP Satisfaction: Only 31% of HR leaders think their employees are satisfied with the EVP, and 65% of candidates report they have actually discontinued a hiring process due to an unattractive EVP.

Source: Gartner survey of 5000 employees and 85 HR leaders.

Modernise your EVP strategy

What We Will Do

  1. Curate your unique EVP Strategy, Framework and Action Plan so you have a clear path to a dynamic, results driven and successful EVP programme for for a modern organisation
  2. Devise a company wide Curated Branding and Communication Strategy to ensure both internal and external stakeholders know and understand your compelling EVP proposition
  3. Build a Digital Dashboard to help you track real-time EVP progress
  4. Develop an EVP specific company-wide Engagement Survey to ensure you are in lock-step with your employees expectations
  5. Include a whole host of proven nuanced methodologies that we can share with you directly

Direct Measurable Benefits

  • Increase Talent Attraction by attracting the very best
  • Develop your USP as Employer of Choice
  • Increase Talent Retention
  • Increase Employee Engagement & Loyalty
  • Improve Brand Strength
  • Strengthen Culture & Work Environment
  • Bring Company Values to Life
  • Improve Competitive Advantage

Innovative EVP Architecture that drives Talent Attraction, Talent Retention, Employee Engagement & Loyalty