The Challenge

Managing complex culture & digital transformation projects is challenging, particularly when employing external consultants. Inexperienced and under-resourced in-house leaders and teams often feel overwhelmed, especially when working with consultants from different cultural backgrounds.

The Negative Impact

Losing track of the project scope, timescales, KPI’s, quality, budget and objectivity.

The Benefits of Norm Murray as your Super-Integrator

Norm serves as a vital intermediary between our clients’ organisation and consulting firms, ensuring a seamless integration of strategy, plans, objectives, and timelines. His unwavering presence provides stability and consistency throughout the project, resulting in a super-integrated approach.  He acts as a constant and steady force in the project.

Norm brings a wealth of international experience as an executive leader in global companies, overseeing high-performance teams, billion-dollar budgets, and assets. He has also led successful consulting firms, delivering international and complex projects in culture development, digital transformation, talent retention, and talent attraction. With his background in leading consulting firms and serving as a seasoned consultant and advisor to global companies, including reputable global consulting firms, Norm possesses comprehensive insight from both the client and consultant perspectives. All this insider knowledge is to your advantage.

The value you will receive:

  • Monitoring project timelines, resource allocation, quality control, and KPI objectives, continuously
  • A communication intermediary between your organisation or team and the consultant organisation to ensure clear and objective communication
  • Provision of objective analysis and advice on the scope and progress of the project so you have complete technical control
  • Mediation and resolution of conflicts or misunderstandings between all parties to remove any obstacles for planned delivery
  • Holding consultants accountable for project timelines and quality of delivery and preventing scope creep
  • Helping clarify and address sensitive organisational situations that may hinder the project
  • Ensuring consultants stay within their designated project scope and not over-reach beyond the scope of delivery
  • Preventing attempts to upsell unwanted services or products which may jeopardize credibility of the project
  • Offering advice on best practices in culture development and digital transformation – what great should look like
  • Providing updates directly to executive management and the Board (if required)

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