Performance Management: Faked, Baked or Staked!

Performance Management: Faked, Baked or Staked!

  • For many companies around the world performance management is just going through the motions to record a “verdict” in the system on employee performance on an annual basis.
  • Often in these organizations bonuses and enhancements are linked to favouritism and/or nepotism and not to effort, commitment, engagement and actual performance.
  • Here your performance review meeting is a one-minute (if that) meeting so managers can tick a box noting that they met with you and reviewed your performance in great detail.
  • If you work in such an organization, you can appreciate the injustice and frustration of this management tool.
  • Performance management must be directly linked (staked) to your formally agreed career trajectory (complete with an actual and clear individual development plan) and anything short is morally wrong.
  • These systems are built for the few not the many.
  • Ironically, by using these systems in such a way, you are driving talent away and stopping your remaining talent from performing at their peak and beyond.
  • Organization culture is not what a company does but what it doesn’t do!

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