WHO OWNS CULTURE?  This may seem a trite question but think about the ramifications for a moment on all parties concerned to the “correct” answer.  Is it the CEO? Is it the employees? Is it the amorphous entity called “the organisation” or is it all these combined?

People who own things like to control them, protect them and keep them from being “robbed” or desecrated. Some sink their identity into the things they own.

Who owns your culture owns you, ostensibly.  So, if it is your role to transform your organisations culture, you will have to navigate this reality carefully to make any progress.

Pace and momentum are key. Too much too fast may rile the “owner”. Too slow and the general population in your company will lose interest.

Don’t jump in all guns blazing as this is how most culture transformation projects just wither and fade with so many expectations remaining unfulfilled.

Make this the key questions in your culture change strategy – who owns this culture?

Norm Murray

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