CONFIRMATION BIAS is a fascinating psycho-dynamic phenomena that makes culture change both complex and problematic as it impacts decision making, communication and human relations in organisations, for example.

Confirmation bias has commonly been defined as the human tendency to search for, favour, and use information that confirms one’s pre-existing views on a certain topic. For example, imagine a leader wanting culture transformation and commissions a study or research or even employee surveys on the way forward but then skews or even ignores the “objective” findings in favour for his/her own “subjective” preferences.

Moreover, this may also include influencing the questions, in the first place, that are asked on the survey or key drivers of a study or research to get the results he/she wants.  This leads to bad decision making and often alienates people.

This is very common today and it is no wonder that employees feel duped or driven toward a company culture they don’t want and cannot support.

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