This weekend I watched the epic movie Dunkirk which was only recently released.  Don’t worry this is not a spoiler and I won’t issue an alert as I only wanted to share a few thoughts about the lessons from this film as it depicted those amazing events.

Lessons for Organisations

  • Care for your employees.
  • Provide them will all the resources they need.
  • Give them a compelling cause to follow.

Lessons for Leaders

  • Strength, sacrifice and selflessness are absolute requirements.
  • Love the people under you.  Without care you are nothing but ordinary with the title of “Leader”.

Lessons for me

  • Patience, perseverance and determination builds character.
  • Character shapes my future and for those under my care.
  • Internal battles are necessary to fight and overcome so one can have the character to overcome external battles.
  • Don’t run from battles.  Face the “enemy” be it within or in front of you.

I am sure Dunkirk will have an impact on your psyche about both the nature of war and the nature of man.  Perhaps you may even get an insight into yourself?

Be strong.  Be significant


I look forward to your thoughts and comments on this article.

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