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Building Explosion

The past few months have seen some unprecedented events affecting safety and security.  Three deadly terror attacks using new tactics and a dreadful fire in a tower block in London.  In the latter case, many organisations will be found wanting following the enquiries and investigations now being undertaken.  Individuals will be taken to task and held responsible.

One hopes that dreadful things will not happen – but they do.  ISIS has lost Mosul and is losing the fight for Raqqa.  But that is not the end for ISIS.  We can be sure that they will re-group and continue to implore their supporters to cause mass casualty attacks in the West.  An injured animal is a dangerous beast indeed.

So now is the time to ensure that your organisation’s crisis management plan and business continuity measures are up to date and effective.  And the only way to ensure they are effective is to exercise them.  A relatively simple table-top exercise will not only expose the flaws in the plan, but also practice your crisis action teams, at all levels, to manage a crisis, deal with the media fall-out and save the reputation of your organisation. 

We often talk to directors and officials about this subject.  Some do not have a plan.  Many have never exercised their plan.  I can see it in their eyes.  Do not be in either of these 2 groups.  It is seriously bad for your organisation, your career and future employment prospects.  This could be the most important advice you have received this year.    


I look forward to your thoughts and comments on this article.

Jeff Little, OBE is an Associate of nStratagem.  We have a great deal of experience in helping organizations and leaders through these issues and challenges. Contact us for a discreet discussion on your crisis preparedness and resilience strategies.

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