Strategy Development

Working with your senior leaders to help them think through and devise the right culture development, strategy and programme.

Action Planning

Helping you develop a strategic action plan so you can arrange all the pieces in the right order with inter dependencies. This stepbystep action plan will guide you with confidence.

Culture Data Analytics

Helping you develop the right digital platform & AI tools to give you accurate, actionable intelligence to shape and adjust your culture development programme in real-time.

Leadership Mentoring

Mentoring & Training your senior leaders and middlemanagers to hone their skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver the change strategy they desire.

Performance Management

We advise on planning, monitoring, evaluating, and improving employee performance during culture development to ensure that company goals are achieved as planned

Living Values

Helping you to align company values with your culture objectives and to instil a process to bring those values to life in employee behaviours.

Organisation Design

Aligning your structure, systems, policies, processes and people strategy in a unified framework to achieve your strategic goals and objectives effectively and efficiently.

Business Plan Alignment

Advising you on how to create measurable culture KPIs linked directly to the organisations core business strategy and performance indicators.


We provide innovative curated communication tools to ensure that the core messages of culture, leadership and talent are delivered regularly.

Processes & Systems

Ensuring that processes and systems support the key drivers and outcomes of culture change.


Aligning all company policies to align with culture, talent retention and attraction. This is a critical aspect of culture change.

Learning & Development

Ensuring that both employees and leaders have a robust and continuous learning and development plan in line with the culture.

Employee Engagement

Advise you on developing and enhancing your overall internal communication strategy, including providing you with regular curated content for your everyday comms assets.

Building Strong Relationships

Help you in building a community driven culture framework where people feel like they belong, valued and supported. This includes the all important work-life balance benefits.

Benefits & Compensation

Advising on salary and benefits packages to incentivise your talent in the modern world of workThis also incudes flexible working guidelines and an array of other innovative provisions.

Career Development

Advising on employee career development strategies and individual career trajectories as part of your overall employee development & talent management policies and plans.


Helping you create, maintain and improve your company reputation, perception, and value in the marketplace through a robust brand strategy, implementing that strategy and measuring the effectiveness.

Recruitment & Advertising

Advising you on the best-in-class recruitment processes including job advertising, marketing and candidate interviewing.

Culture Story Deck (AI Tool)

Helping you develop a compelling story on the core features and benefits of your culture and work environment as part of your brand attraction strategy

Brand Ambassadors

Advising on creating a robust and dynamic employee referral programme to attract top talent.

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